Jeff Carlson

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Jeff  knows how to deliver a power ballad. His voice really shines on his first single "Never Be Another You."

Emotional and from the heart, with influence ranging from Journey to all of the arena bands of the 70's and 80's rock.

Jeff really sells the song with conviction, and passion. 

The lyrics are meaningful, and the rhymes touch the soul. The emotional impact of the vocal performance and arrangement, is absolute proof of Jeff's vocal talent.


With the much anticipated release of singles "So Long", and "Screamin' Inside"as well as on the new e.p. "Second Chance" with songs like "Someday," "In Control," "In My World" and "Shine"- Jeff's voice really shines, singing with passion and grit to create huge choruses, along with a big guitar and vocal harmonies with Robbie Wolfe, they have created a heavy, yet melodic unique style all their own, in today's cookie cutter rock music scene, like a breath of fresh air.


Robbie Wolfe

Lead Guitar / Vocals


From Los Angeles CA, a hard rock guitarist, influenced by Ace Frehley, Gary Moore, Jimmy Page and Neil Schon, to name a few.


Robbie has forged his name among local and national guitar heroes by executing precise melodic solos and memorable riffs.


His arrangement ideas seem never ending.  Robbie commands a great stage presence during performances.

His added vocals are a strong addition to the bands powerful vocal production.

Cory Kay



Hailing originally from Orange County, Cory is a winner of The Los Angeles Music Awards in 2011 and twice in Las Vegas in 2012 and 2014 for best local original rock artist.


Cory has opened for the likes of Godsmack, Lynch Mob, Joan Jett, Great White, Sweet, Steel Panther, Autograph, David Allen Coe and Steelheart.


His biggest influences are driven by the classic rock bands of the 60's and 70's.

Todd Turgeon



Origin:  Las Vegas, NV

Genres:  Rock

Years Active:  2018- Present

Label:  RFL Records


Short Bio:
Jeff, Robbie Wolfe, and bassist Cory Kay have been playing together since 1998, under the band name of Liquid Skye.

Since then, Jeff has secured a solo deal with Potomac records, thus, The Jeff Carlson Band was born, in 2018. 

They have released their first single "Never Be Another You" on March 20th, 2018, along with the much anticipated follow up single "So Long" released February 26th, 2019. Their next release was a five song E.P. entitled "Second Chance" which was released on Potomac records along with the Orchard distribution. The band then signed a new record deal with RFL Records in late December of 2019,  and is releasing a remake of Foreigner's "Juke Box Hero" featuring Frank Hannon on lead guitar, and is scheduled for release in late February. 


In the short time that the band has been together, they have three singles, one E.P. with a new single for a late February of 2020 release, and have shared the stage with the following heavyweight acts: Lita Ford,Bon-Jovi's Phil X and The Drills,Faster Pussycat,Bang Tango,Firehouse,Jack Russell's Great White,Tora Tora, along with three new shows in early 2020 with Electric Radio Kings, Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate and the mighty Tesla. 





RFL Records


Jeff Carlson:

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Phone: (772)828-5434




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